The soda machine at work
has always been my friend.
While others crave
their break time coffee,
I like my caffeine cold and bubbly.
It's an older machine,
but it takes change and dollar bills—
and therein lies the rub.

These days we're using
debit and credit cards
to pay for everything,
and ATMs don't
pay out in dollar bills.
Even if you find one
that pays out in fives,
try breaking a $5 bill.

I've had to resort to
making change from
our coin jar in recent weeks,
but it's starting to look
like slim pickings.
Quarters are running low—
almost as hard to find
as toilet paper and Lysol,
and $10 in nickels is
awfully heavy to carry.

I know soda isn't good for me
and I should take this opportunity
to change a bad habit.
I know I could bring cans from home,
assuming I can buy more
than one case at a time.
Trust me when I say I know
these are first world problems,
and there are more important
things to worry about.

But seriously,
can you make change
for a dollar?

~Elise Skidmore ©2020

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