Here we are at day 25 of the PAD challenge. 5/6s of the way to the finish line. Today’s prompt asked me to write a remix poem, in other words, take one of the first 24 poems and remix it into something else, so I decided to use yesterday’s squirrel poem and switch the point of view. I think it’s fun. I hope you do too.

The Squirrels's Conversation

Two squirrels sat lunching
in the afternoon sun;
they kept a close watch
on the birds who
had a nasty habit of flying in low
and stealing their food.

“Beautiful day, wouldn't you say?”

“Yes, indeed! And since there's
been so much wind and rain,
the people haven't bothered
with the yard work—
we can relax here in the grass
without a care in the world.”

“I heard through the wire
that things are tough in the city.
My cousin tells me no one's
strolling through the park anymore.
He's lost so much weight,
he's being mistaken for a rat—
and nobody wants to feed a rat.”

“That's hard. Makes me glad
we live in the country.
Plenty of food here in the wild.
Not much to worry about
except crossing the roads.
And have you noticed even
that hasn't been bad lately?”

“I have! You know how indecisive
I am, but I haven't even had
a close call in weeks now.”
The squirrel cocked his head,
listening to the quiet.
“I wonder what's up with that.”

“No idea, but I say
we enjoy it while we can.”
A screen door banged open;
The squirrels froze for a breath.
One squeaked, “Race you!
And they skittered up the tree.

~Elise Skidmore ©2020

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    1. If I made you smile, then my work is done! I’ve been trying to find something a little more light-hearted to write about, but it hasn’t been easy. Thanks so much for letting me know you enjoyed it.