I've never been a big drinker;
even when I was young
I never wanted to get drunk
and lose control.
The idea of doing things
I might regret or, worse yet,
couldn't remember doing,
was an anathema to me.
And let's not mention
the hangovers and getting sick part.
Who needs that?
I don't really like the taste of alcohol,
and I can be a party girl
drinking diet soda,
so what's the point?
It makes me a cheap date,
which isn't a bad thing.

That being said,
I'm not a teetotaler.
I like tropical drinks
on a beach or a cruise,
a margarita (or two) while
having lunch with a friend,
and I'm a sucker
for good champagne.

Keeping this honest,
I have drunk
quite a lot of champagne
over the years;
it gets me happy, not drunk,
and it never makes me
sick or hungover.
Champagne is a social drink;
it's not the kind of thing
you drink all by yourself,
so I don't have to worry
about creating a drinking habit
while we're in isolation,
which is probably a good thing,
because eating and drinking
seems to be the activity of choice
these days, and I've discovered
that liquor stores deliver.

But I think when these days
of social distancing are gone,
I'm going to buy a few bottles
of my favorite champagne,
gather with those I love,
and do a little social drinking.

~Elise Skidmore©2020

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  1. We will have a virtual social drinking night and laugh, have good wholesome talk, fun, laugh more and enjoy the company we are with.