Things have been busy, but so far I’ve been managing to keep up the this month’s PAD challenge. Things will probably be put on hold come the end of the week when I take a break to visit my daughters for Thanksgiving, but in the meantime, we’re moving right along and I’m proud of myself for keeping up.

Earlier in the month, one of the prompts I use for the PAD inspired the first poem here, “Simon and Sally.” Today’s prompt asked for a dialogue poem and these two characters decided they wanted an encore, so here you are. Enjoy.

Simon and Sally

walked up the path,
a fire in his gut,
a rage that would keep him awake
all night.

saw him coming
and knew what she must do.
She filled her biggest mixing bowl
with love

And when
Simon came in,
she poured it on his head
she watched the fire in him die
and smiled.

 Simon and Sally Revisited

and Simon sat
at the dinner table,
conversation sorely lacking.
She said,

“Do you
remember the
time Pirate ate your shoes?
I think he would enjoy this steak.”

and kept eating.
“Do you remember when
we used to laugh during dinner?”

looked up,
with raised eyebrow.
“I don't know what you mean.
If you're trying to say something,
say it.”

sipped her water.
“Just that they were happy
days and I miss each and every

patted her hand.
“I'm sorry, my dear, that
I'm no fun anymore. I'll try

Elise Skidmore ©2019

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