November is here and you know that what means. The Poem A Day (aka PAD) Challenge begins. Thirty poems in thirty days isn’t easy, especially in a month where the days are growing shorter and the holiday season is creeping in. I don’t always make it, but I’ve been giving it my best shot for quite a few years now. So here we go again.

 Once Upon A Time

We were talking about past lives.
You said you were a soldier
wearing blue on the fields of Gettysburg.
I said I lived on a farm
where we raised cows and chickens.
We laughed because never in this life
could I be called a country girl.

We were talking about past lives,
wondering if we knew each other then.
The connection was immediate
when we met this time;
sparks flew every time we touched,
melding the links of recognition
we hadn't known we'd been missing.

Once upon a time it was decided
we were meant to be together.
There are days I wonder why
and when will it ever end.
Then there are days I am comforted
by the knowledge of shared past lives
that will lead to futures lives
where all Once Upon A Time stories
end in Happily Ever After.

~Elise Skidmore ©2019

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