Last Words

We had so many conversations,
I cannot remember
what we talked about the last time.
Last conversations differ from last words.
I remember your last words
exactly as you said them.
They were always the same,
the end to every conversation--
I love you.

It has been so long since
the last time we had a real conversation;
I've almost forgotten the sound of your voice.
All our conversations are one-sided these days,
and yet, like a phantom limb that wakes me in the night
with sudden, impossible sensation,
I hear you whisper
I love you.

~Elise Skidmore ©2019

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  1. As always beautiful. My mothers last words every time I went anywhere were God bless you, and I always felt blessed.

    1. Another beautiful sentiment. Both of my parents always ended with “I love you” or “I love you too” if I managed to get it in first. I always make a point to say it to my loved ones because you just never know when might be the last time you see someone and I want those I love to know it. Thank you so much for reading this one and letting me know you liked it.