I think it’s really nice of Smashwords to have a sale to celebrate the 4th of July and my birthday again—they didn’t actually say that’s the reason, and they’ve got sales on lots of other books as well as mine, but hey, I’m an optimist, so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, that makes July the perfect time for you to get any of the digital versions of my books at a great price—50-75% off! You can get Moments In Time-22 Stories and A Dance of Dreams for $1, and the others for as little as $1.50. They make great beach reads and are perfect for whenever you have a little free time to read. All you have to do is put the books in your cart and a coupon will show up at check out. But only for July, so don’t procrastinate!

You can go to my Smashwords profile, where there’s a nice little interview with me as well as links to all the books. If you’ve already got your copies, why not share the link with family and friends? Consider it a birthday present for the author.

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