I wonder how many people
would have predicted
they'd be where they are today;
how many of the “Most likely to”s
actually did.
For those who did,
was it hard work and persistence
that paid off or
was there a lot of luck involved?

I'm sure the principle dancer
at the New York City Ballet
must have had inborn talent
to accompany her dreams
and hard work.
She may have wanted to be a ballerina
when she was little,
but without the right body type, balance,
sense of rhythm and musicality
all the classes and persistence in the world
wouldn't have gotten her where she wanted to be.

I doubt many people
would have predicted they'd be
hauling garbage away,
driving a bus,
packing boxes off a conveyor belt,
mowing lawns,
cleaning other people's houses,
dancing around poles,
cold calling strangers as they try
to sell them things they don't want--
or scam them into giving away their retirement.

I wonder why it's so hard to be
who we dream we can be
and so easy to fall into the humdrum,
prosaic and pedestrian lives we live.
It's no surprise so many regret
the things they have not done.

~Elise Skidmore ©2019

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