Things have been pretty quiet around here lately, and for that I must apologize. Winter, work, and life in general have gotten in the way, and I’m embarrassed to say writing anything has been bumped down the priority list. That said, I’m hoping with spring being just around the corner, things will pick up and the pre-spring malaise which seems to hit me every year will be over soon. In the mean time, here’s an oldie but a goodie (at least I think it’s a goodie) for your enjoyment.

Pre-spring Malaise

Weak and apathetic
nothing feels right
even my favorite things
taunt with malicious intent

nowhere I want to go
nothing I want to be
and even that's only a maybe

Don't want to inflict myself on friends
they deserve the very best
not this dull stupid bovine creature
staring back from my mirror
spouting soporific nonsense
guaranteed to raise a yawn

spring is coming
time to get reborn
dress up my soul
in pastels
and hunt for leprechauns
and colored eggs

but oh I'm so tired
and full of the blahs
and I don't want to follow
the bunny building a hutch under my bed
I might find my track shoes
and have to join the race again

--Elise Skidmore ©1998

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  1. That is a real goody Elise. Hope you’re get a spring in your step soon. It happens to us all. More sunshine and warmer days are coming. ☺️

    1. Thanks, Rosemary! One of the blessing of being a poet is writing something and learning others can relate, no matter how personal the subject matter might be. Happy Pre-spring!