Hello! Yes, I’m still here, plugging along with the PAD challenge. Unfortunately, I’m not keeping up too well this November. Life has gotten in the way. Here we are 17 days in and I’ve only managed 8 poems. Ah, well, 8 poems are better than none, is what I say. And who knows, I may suddenly have a creative spurt that puts me right back in the race. In the meantime, I thought I’d share today’s efforts with you. Enjoy.


Hatred has reached epidemic proportions.

Rather than sitting around, bemoaning the fact,

I went looking for a solution.

I’m a 20th century woman living in the 21st century,

where the answer to all my questions seems to be

Google it.

But Googling wasn’t much help this time.

There were anti-heroes, anti-gravity shoes, and anti-aging creams;.

anti-inflammatories and anti-venom seem to hold some promise,

but sadly, weren’t really the answer to the bigger question.

In an anti-climatic epiphany, it came to me.

What we all know in our heart of hearts

but too often forget as we race through life,

is that only love conquers hate.

It’s that simple.

And yet,

the simplest things are often the most difficult.

It would be so much easier

if there was an anti-hate cream we could order from Amazon.

Elise Skidmore ©2018

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