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New Year Apricity

Let us rise on New Year’s morning

filled with hope and promise,

the way the sun on a winter’s day

can bathe us in warmth, inside and out.

For a moment the world sparkles

like sunshine on snow

and the future is bright possibility

unfolding before our eyes.

We can choose to embrace

the universe and its many gifts,

to wrap ourselves in a blanket

of kindness with our fellow creatures,

or we can pull the covers over our head,

pretending we are bears in hibernation.

But caves are cold and lonely places,

even when well-equipped for the temperature.

I prefer to be dazzled and exhilarated,

to brave whatever comes

with the kiss of the sun on my face.

May 2018 bring sunshine into your life and warmth into your heart. May it be filled with enough love, laughter, and friendship to ward off the inevitable dark days that come to us all. Let Kindness and The Golden Rule lead the way.

Happy New Year to All!

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Elise Skidmore ©2018

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