In My Folly


In my folly

that overlooks the water,

where birds soar and dip

like kites without strings,

I was your sunshine.

You glowed with happiness,

palpable joy radiated from within,

just because I was part of your world.


In my folly

I thought it would always be that way,

that I would always be the sunshine

that brightened your days

when things looked dark,

and warmed your heart

when winter threatened your soul.


It is folly, I know.

Shadows fall and night comes.

The stars are too far,

their illuminations too dim.

I am losing the light

and you are gone.


In my folly,

we are together,

mirrors reflecting the sun,

on and on, to infinity and beyond,

the light so bright and golden,

love in tangible form.


It is folly

to think that will happen.

There is only me

with a pocket full of wishes.


But in my folly,

I want to be the sunshine again.

~Elise Skidmore ©2017

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    1. Aw, thank you so much, Susan. It’s good to be someone’s sunshine. I really just wrote this playing off the 2 meanings of “folly” and while there is truth in it, I’m really not as down in the dumps as you may think.

    1. Thank you, Lucille! As I said to Susan, I initially wrote this because I was playing with the double meaning of the word “folly” and then I started thinking about the various people in my life whose world I had brightened by just being in it. Many of them have passed away, but not all. Nothing lasts forever though, except maybe love.