Photographs tell stories

and keep secrets too.

In tones of sepia,

black and white,

or color,

print or digital,

we need only look

to see the importance of life

trapped in a heartbeat.

A smile or tear,

celebrations or memorials,

fun in the sun,

or working in the cold,

they show us what is past,

the places we’ve been,

the places where we dream of going.

That is the nature of photographs,

to capture fleeting moments

others may have missed,

to leave a bit of ourselves

to future generations–

to share our world.

With time and imagination

we can step inside

and see where we’ve never been.



~Elise Skidmore ©2017

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    1. Thank you, Susan. I’d venture to say the majority of us aren’t crazy about having our picture taken. We only see our flaws and don’t look much further than that, but as you say, being in the picture is just as important as taking the photos. Think of all the people today who are researching their ancestry and how thrilled they are to find those rare photographs. Treasures, indeed.