A weekend away has me falling a little behind the PAD challenge, but I have hopes of catching up. And since I like to challenge myself from time to time, just to make things interesting, I decided I’d post today’s effort. I’m a little rusty at writing sonnets, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Love’s Angels Banter

I wake to sunshine on this bright spring morn
and the world is bright with you by my side.
With each dawning day, our love is reborn,
as faithful and as constant as the tide.

While I ponder what I must do today
a wicked angel whispers in my ear,
“Forget the must-do! Let’s take time to play
together, revel in joy without fear.”

Conscientious to a fault, you cannot
toss care and obligation to the wind;
your better angel conjures a new plot
where we’ll come together when day has thinned.

Rich imagination keeps me yearning,
wishing the clock’s hands would speed their turning.


~Elise Skidmore ©2017

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