Big news! Just in time for you to pick up some summer reading you can enjoy while sitting by the pool or in the shade of your favorite tree, we’re having a big sale at Smashwords for the entire month of July. All of my books will be 50% off, making it a great time to fill in the gaps in your library. Make sure you tell your friends. Sales like this don’t happen every day. Just click on the red links and you’ll be there.

A Dance of Dreams A Dance of Dreams







Leaves-Cover-epic-epub320x480When Leaves Fall

Poems From The Edge of SpringPoems From the Edge of Spring

or if you haven’t read any of them yet, why not grab a copy of TRIO: A Collection of Previous Volumes where you can have all three books in one?boxsetDon’t delay! Remember, just click on the red links and you’ll be there.

The sale only lasts as long as July.

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