Aloha, everyone! We’ve been busy lately, planning for our 40th anniversary trip to Maui. Research, planning, and the anticipation are part of the fun of trips like these, so I was delighted when I stumbled upon Aloha Stoked. Kalani Prince is the photographer/videographer of some really fabulous insights and views of the island, and it wasn’t long before I was hooked on his You Tube channel and Facebook page. Not too long ago, he shared a photo he called “When Turtles Dream,” which inspired the following poem. I hope you like the poem as much as I like the photo.

photo courtesy of Aloha Stoked (click on the photo for better viewing)
photo courtesy of Aloha Stoked
(click on the photo for better viewing)



When Turtles Dream

Resting on sandy pillows,
with ocean foam as their blanket,
the turtles fall asleep
to the music of ocean lullabies.

I wonder are their dreams
of deep blue water
teeming with sweet sea-grass,
where they play hide and seek
amid rainbow coral.

Or are they plagued with bad dreams?
Do they see their shells
trapped in plastic ring tops
and their nesting grounds disturbed?
Is the laughter of tourists carried
on warm evening breezes
and the light of tiki torches on the beach
the fodder for their nightmares?

Sleep gentle Honu.
Dream of sunlight reflected
through azure waters.


If you’re headed Maui way or even if you’re just dreaming of paradise, do yourself a favor and check out Aloha Stoked.

~Elise Skidmore ©2016

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